Last Night I Dreamt of Meryl Streep

Last Night I Dreamt of Meryl Streep

Last night, I dreamt of Meryl Streep.

She was in her most furious stage in her advocacy towards women equality. She came as more assertive to talk about gender equality, human rights, immigrants, responsible reporting, and roles of the arts in bringing the world together in protecting our rights and safety regardless of age, gender, and race. Continue reading “Last Night I Dreamt of Meryl Streep”


Hashtag Women

I came out of a strong and willful woman. Delivered to this world by a midwife. Helped by female nurses. Was brought home to be nannied by a naive woman. Every day, my aunts, ninangs, and lolas visited to pinch my cheeks making sure I made the right responses. Continue reading “Hashtag Women”