Forgive my insolence
Oh Snow Moon
Did I not?
Call in the early spring
Play naked though summer is
Not till comes June

I hear you seek only peace
Oh Snow Moon
Did you not?
Align yourself behind the Earth
Let the shadow cover your gentle face
Not a light from the great Sun

And in time-a-passing
Oh Snow Moon
Did it not?
Come a comet from afar
Propel itself along its bluegreen streak
Not but a nearby shooting star

Three decades and nine years past
Oh Snow Moon
Did he not?
Inspirit a most unlikely being
Begin to wander the world of love
Not of hatred nor of pain

And they call you age of hunger
Oh Snow Moon
Did they not?
Know that you froze the land to breathe
Understand your time to recuperate
Not to steal but grow and heal

The land I walk on is covered now
Oh Snow Moon
Did I not?
Feel the cold in my heart and feet
Flee hurriedly to a castle atop
Not to ever run but stop

And here today, I settle my desires
Oh Snow Moon
Did I not?
Find my cold heart afire
Set a circle tic-a-tac an ‘ever mire
Not today, I could set my heart free

p.s. This is a song from singer Bruno Mars. Something I like to hear when I am looking to the sky, wondering if somebody somewhere is looking at the same time and hear what my heart is saying.

Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars


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