I arrived on time
I walked that red brick path
A tunnel just to see you
A hug that I longed from you
You did not disappoint.

You walked-in on time
You tiptoed on the bricks in NewHaven
We reemerged on that same tunnel
We held hand back to the train
Towards where I came from.
—April 29, 2017. New Haven, NY

I don’t want to write you a letter
I think it will be a waste of time
I want to talk to you later
But that too will waste yours

Here i am writing you a letter
Every scribble, every scratches of paper
I poured my heart into
I drained my brain too

I will let you go now
I know it will work this way better
I hope you’ll be happy now
May the world you choose be brighter
—April 28, 2017. Astoria, NY

You asked me after I scringed in pain
Is it the cold water?
Is it the tapping i make?
You told me to tell you
But it is gone now
It was the anticipation of pain
That hurt me
It wasn’t you.
It was all me.
—April 27, 2017. Elmhurst, NY

Retiring out of exhaustion
Your bed becomes your best exploration
REM becomes your most vivid imagination
Waking up is your greatest resolution
—April 26, 2017. Foresthills, NY

Today i learned that preparing for life
Doesn’t actually prepare you for it
It only tells you that at some point
You will fuck it up
Your preparations are the things
You need
When you stand back up
And pick up your shit together
—April 25, 2017. Rego Park, NY

This dates a judgement
A punctuation unclear
A dot
An ellipsis
For now
A ?
—April 24, 2017. Rego Park, NY

I have never felt this scared about the future
The uncertainties of dreams
I know is just about my reach
But far… it goes so far.
—April 23, 2017. Foresthills , NY

I wish you go faster than i can think
I wish i can absorb faster than i can read
I wish i can finish faster than the day is over
I wish faster thinking. Read: is over
—April 22, 2017. Bronx, NY

I am free today,
that i know
But i do feel empty,
that i do not know
—April 21, 2017. Bronx, NY

4Cloud 2Zero









—April 20, 2017. Bronx, NY


Lady Honest (Why Are You Screaming?)

1 Her lady’s smile is crooked like mine
2 So Why should I remember you?
3 She tells me today: “I am fine!”
4 I, for sure, believed it too

5 The woods she admires are long gone
6 So Why should I be convinced?
7 She gestures like she’s at par with none
8 To this, I felt my poor keen heart severely winced

9 Her lady’s scream has honesty to it
10 So why should I cry today?
11 She echoes around this room unfit
12 My head knows nothing but dismay

13 Remembering you is nothing but incredible
14 No words at all for my memory is unable.

—April 19, 2017. Foresthills, NY


I Haiku My Way Back To You

Strolling the side road
The white shoes I wear is burnt
Spring eases my load

Looking at this town
My pack is heavier now
Iris doesn’t frown

Nearing at our space
This phone is getting busy
The wind soothes my face

Glass doors I see through
Keys are placed back on the wall
Humming birds are true

I’m home to you now
I have put my clothes away
My heart sings a vow

—April 18,2017. RegoPark-Foresthills, NY



Your truth is to my lies
Your growth is to my demise

His future is to my heritance
His grandeur is to my insignificance

Her amity is to my contention
Her beauty is to my imperfection

Their skepticism is to my confidence
Their syllogism is to my incongruence

My cognizance is to everyone’s bewilderment
My ignorance is to everyone’s enlightenment

—April 17, 2017. Foresthills, NY


Subway Animals

A wall street crocodile
on a black suit hangs outside of the station
waiting for his train
anxiously keeping short breaths to avoid the homeless rat’s stench
who’s sitting on his filthy suitcase while reading free amNY.

He was carrying his bag.
This monkey teenager in a saggy lag
walked past a well suited crocodile.
He said he’s found heroin with two other monkeys.
He is not going to mention names
Homeless rat’s stench is listening
Teen monkey gave the initials of two other monkeys
They are B.S.

An old giraffe with a scarf covering her hair,
she has a pullover bag dragged on the same train
as the tiger on a blue hospital scrubs did.
She told the tiger on a scrub:
“God has a plan for you. Take life to do good at will,
as it comes according to His will.”
She finished her short speech
with “Thanks for listening.”
The tiger glanced up and gave the old female giraffe a grin
and went back to his selfhelp book on anger management.

The fire ant who authored the best selling book
that was #1 on “The Jimmy Cat’s Book Club”
is famous for his line: “In life when trouble and hurt are upon me,
i see miracle in small yet special way.”

Jimmy, the cat, is turning 36 today, 4/16.
He assigned his hippopotamus crew
to ask the passengers of train16
what they think about him getting a dog.
Do they think he is responsible enough now
for a dog?
Hmmm– what might be a good urban dog
that dont shed?
If they want to help him decide:
suggest a breed and maybe
they can also name the dog?

The train finally got to its final stop.
In the middle underground
directly under the World Diversity Business Tower.
Every animal worker goes in line in the corner
has to go through a metal detector.
I asked the carabao if I need my ID to use the elevator.
He eloquently answered, “I am not schizophrenic.
I do not have a dissociative identity disorder
or (as most popularly known)multiple personality disorder.”

“Ah he hasn’t change a bit.” I guess
I will be working on my pollination program
for another 46 weeks.
“Ah, imma be busy again,
I will have to begin bringing bags of crossbreeds.”
I will have to name and tag them
It would be a shame not to keep ’em.

—April 16, 2017. Foresthills, NY

Take Your Freedom

There is some kind of freedom
that you don’t want to take
Because, with it, you lose
the very sense of your being.

The person you work hard for;
The dreams you put end to;
The family you fought with
against odds.

But that too ends
With the kind of freedom
that you don’t ever
imagine taking.

Take it

—April 15, 2017. Bronx, NY

Jesus Died.

This is what your Catholic parents taught you
And the parents before them

Good Friday:
Relive how
He saves your sin
Remember how
He loves you selflessly
Pray how
He forgives you every time

But what your Catholic parents forgot
And the parents before them

Black Saturday:
Relive how
To save yourself from your sin
Remember how
To love without asking in return
Pray how
To forgive yourself every time

And like what you hoped that your Catholic parents reiterated
And the parents before them

Easter Sunday:
Relive how
Somebody is gone for a greater purpose
Remember how
The time goes and so the world turns
Pray how
To become a better person every given time.

—April 14, 2017. Foresthills, NY

Poem About June

When every color in life
There are these black streaks
On a blank paper
that stays. A smudge
Yes! A stain
An inerasable blotch.

It could be

When yesterday I failed
Today I am moving on
Tomorrow I will become

—April 13, 2017.Metro-North Rail to Nowhere.

A Positive Cycle

Happiness is a choice
Choose your destiny
Destined to be happy

—April 12, 2017, Kew Gardens, NY

A selfish dream
(That I cannot fulfill because)

We dream
mostly for ourselves
Then we find
that dream is consumed
by somebody else’s

Because there are
Around us

We dream more.
mostly for ourselves
Then we find
that the people
grow in numbers too
Around us

We dream some more.
mostly for ourselves still
And for everybody
All of them around us

And our dream
They fade away
With ourselves


Then we fade again
exactly to go
back to the beginning

We dream
mostly for ourselves

—April 11, 2017.Manhattan, NY

Music, Moon, Montage: A Spring fling

I finally know how it feels when I found you
It was easy. It is so true.
Our hearts sing the same lyrics
I believe it. I have fallen for you.
You did too. I know.

I looked out my glass window and I see you
It was clear. It is true.
Though afar, we breathe at the same time
I dream it. I am lying beside you.
You did too. I know.

The memory I strung together with you
It was beautiful. It is true.
Everyday, I am right here waiting.
I admit it. I need more of you.
You did too. I know.

—April 10, 2017.Foresthills, NY


I wrote nothing.
Not b’coz I can’t think
It was my mom’s bday
How can I not think of something?
I wrote nothing.
Not b’coz I don’t think
I was clinical hustling
How can I not?
Not think of anything.

I wrote nothing.
It was b’coz I couldn’t
Because you know
I would’ve only if I could.
Now I did
Because I should
And I want to
Because I could
And it is about

—April 9, 2017. Foresthills, NY



—April 8, 2017. Bronx, NY

On the Verge

This is not unusual,
As it happened once
Or twice before.

There is something different.
It is the unfamiliar location
Or time on course.

Inevitable circumstances arise
But at this age of shame
Or on the edge of losing.

—April 7, 2017. Manhattan, NY

Poem On Spring

The sounds i listen to
To raindrops, i stare intently on
On drops of rain, i counted long for time
Time passed and there is moving on…
The end.

—April 6, 2017. Queens, NY

A Foreign Love Song I Tried To Learn

It was curious.
The papers dropped on the floor
though my hands are far from the bin.
The wind blew some out of my door.

It was curious.
This loose page is familiar
with a perfect song for my kin.
Finding it now seemed peculiar.

It was curious.
I showed you the strange letter
and how happy I could have been.
You choked my spirit to falter.

It was curious.
I picked them all off the floor
while my heart bled, felt bruised, broken.
I had to drag it out this door.

—April 5, 2017. ForestHills, NY

See Me

Now you do.

Now you

—April 4, 2017. New York, NY


I was woken up by my thoughts of you. I ate my breakfast. I got dressed. I walked to school with my red umbrella. Because it was raining. It is Spring though it feels like Winter. I am missing you. I listened to lectures. Took notes. My thoughts were flying towards where you and I were supposed to be. I finished the class. I walked back home. It took me some time to open our apartment door. It was my right hand. I am still in pain. I wished you can kiss my pain away. I arrived in my room. You were there. But you were also far from my arms. We both were awoken at the same time. The same dream. We thought. Yes, we walked one floor down at the same time. We ate a good meal. Today feels the same like any other day. Our time starts and ends the same way. Stay.

—April 3, 2017. Rego Park, NY


When you are hypoglycemic: <70mg/dL
Take 15g of glucose
Usually simple carbs
Check blood sugar after 15mins,
If blood sugar level is still low
Repeat ingestion of another dose of 15g
Usually simple carbs.

—April 2, 2017. ForestHills, NY

Poem #12

This is a test: If I
water the blooms that I
brought weeks before, thou I
have seen them had gone wry?

It’s a question: That I
ask myself; or should I
where will, and so does I
the water goes to dry?

— April 1, 2017. ForestHills, NY


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